Book Study

Welcome to the Spiritual Warriors Bookclub

Come band together with your brothers in Christ, to gain strength and become a stronger physical-spiritual warrior as we take on and fight life’s battles.

We acknowledge that it takes a community to form a church, All provide prayers, Some provide a building, & Some stand against Goliath.  We are the group that has answered the call and said “HERE AM I.  SEND ME!” Isaiah 6:8

At this time this group is going to be limited to men only.

Current book of study: STARTING SEPTEMBER 14TH 2021 AT MY HOUSE FROM 6:30PM TO 7:30PM

Purchasing books through these links help fund the club.  We appreciate the support but it is not required to join.  Don’t let the cost of the book stop you from joining.  We are here to help everyone.


Recommended books of study: