Skills Drill

Skills Drill

This course of fire has been designed to check the ability of shooters prior to entering a class as well as upon exiting a class to show either deficiencies or proficiencies at the conclusion of the training.


  • This drill should be given with no training other than a live fire demo and talk through.
  • Starting from low ready or SUL only
  • Time: No time limit
  • Firearm: Rifle or handgun
  • Firearm set up: Load no more than 4 rounds in your firearm.  Maintain one additional magazine or reloads with a minimum of 2 rounds
  • Score: Time + Score + no safety viloations
  • Target: Silhouette
  • Additional items: two barricades, cones to mark the course
  • Distance to target: 10 yards
  • Start: 20-yard -> move to 10 yard Box 1 (for larger classes this can be run from one target and without movement)
  • From box one fire 2 rounds from each side of the barricade.  During the transition, shooters must come completely off target.
  • After your 4 rounds move to box two located 5 yards lateral from box one.
  • Reload and fire one round from each side of the barricade in the T-Zone.

Drill Explained

Movement: Can you move safely with a loaded firearm?  This shows the instructors where they need to work on your basic firearms handling.  This also simulates physical stress to the student.
Box 1: This test your target acquisition in rapid succession, while stationary and after moving.  This will also determine if you are able to return to your natural point of aim.
Box 2: After simulated physical stress this will show how well you are able to transition from major muscle groups to fine motor skills.