Precision rifle work

Re-barreling your rifle
There a lot of reasons that you may want a new barrel on your trusted rifle. No matter what your reason is, the qualified rifle smiths at Brothers N Arms can get the job done.  We have the tools and knowledge to re-barrel your hunting rifle, precision rifle, or tactical rifle.  The only difference is the amount of accuracy your want as an end result.

Barrel POR
Basic chambering  $ 250.00
Chambering + Accurizing  $ 350.00
Bolt Facing  $   75.00
Lapping bolt lugs  $   75.00
Rented reamer (may vary)  $   60.00
Purchased reamer (approximately $160) POR

See our RIFLE GUNSMITH PRICING for a complete pricing list

Barrels are something that is changeable no matter what you choose.  Barrels should be chosen for their intended use.  There are many excellent barrels manufacturers out there to choose from.  The prices vary just as much as the choices. More information
Basic chambering – $250


Chambering can be done in many ways.  We start with a barrel blank; center it in the lathe to less than 10,000th of an inch, cut threads, and a place for your recoil lug.  We then fit it to your barrel to your action ensuring a precise fit of the bolt face, lugs, and all mating surfaces.  Every rifle we chamber at Brothers N Arms also gets the mating surface of your action squared to ensure your barrel fits properly.
Cambering + Accurizing – $350
This is the process takes chambering to another level.  This service includes everything in the Basic chambering and includes extra work to your action.  We take your action and square all the mating surfaces including the recoil lug.  We start by centering your action in the lathe and squaring the face.  While your action is centered we square the threads and mating side of the action locking lugs.  If equipped we take the factory recoil lug and square all the mating surfaces so your action and barrel will pit exactly as designed.
Bolt Facing – $75
To get the best accuracy out of a rifle you want the bullet to leave the cartridge as square as possible.  One of the ways to ensure this happens you need the base of the cartridge to be square with the chamber.  Chambering a cartridge in your newly cut chamber without facing the bolt will result in slightly less accuracy.  What we do is take your bolt, center it in a lathe, and resurface the bolt face ensuring that the base of your round will be square in your chamber.
Lapping bolt lugs – $75
To ensure that you get the same repeatability out of your rifle for years to come the locking lugs need to have a near-perfect engagement.  After ensuring that everything is square on your action we install your bolt with a lapping compound and work it by hand until we get that near-perfect engagement.
After Accurizing, bolt facing, and lapping the lugs we are ready to fit your barrel to your action and chamber it.
Reamers – $60 (rented)
A reamer is a special cutting device that is shaped exactly like your cartridge.  We use two methods for acquiring your reamer.  The first is that we can rent one from Elk Ridge or 4-D Reamer Rentals.  Both these companies provide excellent reamers that at times I would think were new.  After every use they rework them to bring them back to the exact specifications they were when they were new.  This is a great option for someone that is on a budget or a rifle that will primarily be used for hunting.  Our second option is to have us purchase a brand new one just for you.  When we purchase one you will have the first chamber and possibly the only chamber cut with that reamer.  This choice is for those that demand absolute accuracy with no chance of a flaw in their chamber.  This does come at a price of anywhere from $125 to over $200 depending on the caliber and brand of reamer.  I have chambered rifles using both methods and achieved less than half inch groups.
Below are some examples of custom rifles we have built
Custom rifles have many more choices but the basic pricing remains the same.

308 Winchester –Stiller Tac 30 action – 20” Tactical Lija Barrel – McRees full-size AR folding stock – Remington 700 Timney trigger MSRP $4450 without suppressor – Proof target is 3 rounds of SMK at 100 yards with a Bushnell 3200 fixed 10 power scope

 338 LM – Stiller Tac 338 action – 26” Fluted Lija barrel – Bell & Carlson Stock ?? – Quick Discharge Muzzle brake – Remington 700 adjustable trigger (with trigger job) MSRP $3,325
Picture coming soon
 300 Win – Modified Remington 700 action – 22” Lija MK13 Mod 7 profile with flutes – MDT Chassie – Innovative QD muzzle brake – 3.5 # Timney trigger MSRP $3,075 

6.5 Lapua – Mauser 98 – Shilen select match Barrel – Accurized – Timmney Trigger – Bell & Carlson Stock – Cerakote finished  MSRP $2,000

50 BMG – McMillan repeater 50 caliber Action – 32” Fluted Lija barrel – McMillan takedown stock – Timney trigger – Grizzly quick discharge muzzle brake MSRP $8,999
For more information about building a custom precision rifle, please CONTACT US