Point shooting

Point Shooting

Since we were young we have been able to point to the center of large objects.  If you doubt me try this simple exercise.  Close your eyes and point at the nearest door.  When you open your eyes you will be near the middle.  Using that same logic anyone can reasonably shoot a handgun near the middle of an object with minimal or no training.
This simple drill is what I use if I only have a moment of time with someone.  I would never promote this as a full lesson.  Anyone that has shot for any length of time will know it takes much more than this to continually shoot accurately.  You should also understand that this will not make you a competition shooter nor will you be able to put all your rounds in the bull’s eye every time.   What we are talking about here is aiming your handgun at a door or human-sized object and being able to hit that object in self-defense with minimal practice or training.
If a person was to only do this and just practice this it is still quite lucky that they would create many bad habits and eventually become worse.  The most common problems would be recoil anticipation, poor trigger control, and improper sight alignment.
After a person has had advanced handgun training this is a drill that I bring them back to.  I find that after advanced training and practice combat/home defense shooters show significant improvement.
On the contrary, I have found that if someone takes this drill as their first lesson and never does anything else but shoots often they become worse taking years to fix the scars this has done.
If you have been shooting for some time or have some advanced training try this drill.

  1. Cover or remove your sights
  2. Load your handgun
  3. Hang a human/zombie sized target downrange about 10 yards
  4. Point your handgun at the center locking both elbows in place. Make sure you have kept both eyes open for this portion
  5. No squeeze the trigger

If you did everything correctly you should be near the center and be able to repeat the same drill over and over.
If you find yourself in a predicament where you have a not shooter and need them to help you in a life or death situation and escape is not an option this may be a good lesson to keep in mind.
Be safe and always observe all firearms safety rules while shooting.  And remember if you are going to shoot a lot this is not a good first lesson.