Nickel drill

Nickel Drill

This is not a drill that I created however it is one that I rely on because it works.
This course is best used one of two times: after long periods of high-speed training or at the beginning of a training evolution.  This short drill takes every bit of concentration you have when done correctly.  I have heard many times that there is no need to shoot from 5 yards or even closer.
Their argument is that if I can shoot from 25 yards then I can definitely shoot from an arm’s length away.
When I hear this I like to run a short test to see how correct they are.  I have them place 5 rounds center mass at 25 yards.  They proudly place the fire rounds on target and look like me with a great sense of satisfaction.  I then take them up to a conversational distance from the target.
They are instructed to load their firearm and remain at the ready.  When they are ready I give them the following instruction.  When a target presents itself fire one round into the head of the target.  They typically laugh a little and say they are ready whenever.  I then present the target and it goes away without a single shot being fired.  They then say I cheated and no one only presents themselves for that amount of time.
The targets are presented for 1.5 seconds; this is the same amount of time that Hinckley was able to shoot 6 rounds from a revolver in the assassination attempt on President Regan’s life.  This is more than enough time to get at least one shot off.  I will often time provide them with a second chance.  This time I have them holster their handgun and allow them to shoot the target as many times as they can once it appears from a conversational distance.
Again nearly always there are no shots fired and if they do they are non-fatal or they miss.  So the argument that anyone can shoot at 25 yards can do the same at 3 yards is bogus in my onion.  Most shootings happen within the conversational distance and most of the time the shots miss their target.  Now that I have my student’s attention I have them perform the Nickel drill.

In the video take notice of the length of time and distance the engagements are.
I will back them up to the 5 Yard line and explain the drill to them.  Most are amazed at just how inaccurate they are at only 5 yards.  Some are surprised accurate once the time restraints are taken away.
The purpose of this drill is not to teach marksmanship.  It is to simply demonstrate that even at close range we can miss.  It will also give the students instant feedback with a minimal amount of ammunition.  This simple drill takes every bit of marksmanship that a shooter has in order to achieve the greatest results.  I have seen many good shooters be humbled by this simple drill.  Watch Facebook in the next week for my video of this drill done live.
Nickel Drill
-Target:            Any clean target with approximately a 5” square space that has no holes.
-Scoring:          None
-Procedure:      Fire one round into the clear area of the target then pace the remaining 4 rounds through the same hole.
-Shots:             Five live rounds
-Time:              None
– Distance:       5+ Yards