Intermediate individual gunfighter

Congratulations, you have taken a substantial step in protecting yourself and those who can not protect themselves.  For that I sincerely thank you.  It takes more than one Shepard to watch over a flock.  By the conclusion of this day, you will have a greater understanding of what you don’t know.  Your training does not stop here, this is only the beginning.


Skills Drill
3 Dot Drill
Positional shooting
Today is your day!  Have you prepared mentally and physically?
The day lethal force becomes your only option will not be the day to learn.  After today you will have the skills to aid you and your loved ones to survive that day.
This comprehensive skill-building course will put your skills to work in, real-world encounters with the confidence to survive.  Giving you exercises to work and build upon.


On Killing—By Lt. Col. Dave Grossman—This book is the baseline for all research completed on the subject of human violence.  He goes into great detail on why people kill, why they don’t kill, why people murder, and the psychology behind both.
On Spiritual Combat—By Lt. Col. Dave Grossman & Adam Davis:  If you are a Christian and want to know more about the difference between killing and Murder is and what the Bible has to say, I highly recommend this book.  You are going to want a highlighter, pen, and bible when you read it.
Left of Bang– Patrick Van Home, & Jason A Riley—By now you should know the world consists of Sheep, Sheep dogs, and Wolves.  This entire book explains how to be more vigilant in your daily lives.

Cost savings

Umarex makes true to the weight and size, airsoft firearms.  These training guns are not a toy.  Using them in conjunction with your dry fire regiment will greatly reduce your cost of training ammo as well as improve your marksmanship.

Covered in your day of training

  • Safety
  • Essential combat 1st aid
  • Real-world shooting engagements
  • Combat marksmanship
  • Multiple targets engagement
  • Reloading under stress
  • Gear management
  • Reloading under stress
  • Room entry
  • Single-handed shooting with a family member
  • The lifesaving mindset with the will to survive

Required equipment

  • Semi-automatic firearm – Handgun or Rifle
  • Limited rentals available
  • No revolvers
  • 2 magazines min – 3 or 4 preferred
  • Ballistic eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing – this will be all outside
  • Food and water
  • 100 + rounds (more rounds =more practice)
  • Holster / Sling

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