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your premier dealer that specializes in custom firearms with personal service, NFA sales, Education, and ammunition manufacturing.

Ellensburg Weapons CompanyEllensburg Weapons Company (EWC): The first of two companies operating under Archimedes Machining Inc.  EWC now has a network of gunsmiths with a combined experience of 50 years.  With a vast network of gunsmiths, we are able to solve nearly any issue you may have.  Take a look at our SERVICE page for a list of common services we have to offer.

Ellensburg Ammunition Company

Ellensburg Ammunition Company (EAC): This is our second and newest offering service to the company.  This is a project that has been in the works for years and just recently developed our newest product.  Watch our new online store for details and availability.

Firearm Sales: If you work you know how hard it can be to pick up your newly purchased firearm with everyone else on the weekend.  If you order one on-line or order one from us we will work with you and your schedule to get your firearm to you at an agreed-upon time.

NFA Sales and Demos:  From your first suppressor or Short Barreled Rifle to helping you fill the second safe with your favorite NFA Item we are here to help.  We are here to help you through the entire process whether you buy them from us or order directly from the manufacturer.  We are happy to facilitate the transfer or purchase.

Transfers: We are happy to transfer any Pistol, Revolver, Rifle, Shotgun, Suppressor, or other items requiring a FFL for you with your work and family life in mind.  Contact us to arrange the shipment, then we will work with you and your schedule to complete the transfer.

Consulting:  If you are just starting your Firearms Related business or have security concerns for your Place of Worship or Place of Education we are here to help.

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